We maintain a regularly updated database of all customers including a profile to help us serve them better. Sales visits, mailings and personal calls to libraries and lecturers are most effective when we have publishers’ materials and selling tools (catalogues, descriptive brochures, book jackets, updated pricelists, and samples of key and important titles). The publisher supplies these promotional tools free of charge (freight inclusive) and delivered to our street address.


The Philippines, Guam, Saipan and Palau, EARCOS (American & Expatriate Schools in SE Asia, NE Asia).


  1. Regular visits to booksellers, retailers, wholesalers, colleges and universities, libraries, primary & secondary schools, government agencies, departments and training centers. Build name recognition by providing fast and efficient catalog and promotional materials distribution to the book-buying sectors that matter.

  2. Develop the potentials of your textbooks through regular calls to College/University lecturers, principals and curriculum coordinators. Benefit from the strategic and cost-effective sales coverage of the people who decides on textbooks and supplements.

  3. Participation in major bookfairs, professional meetings and conferences and exhibits. Enhance your profit through special sales and participation in government and institutionally funded books, e-products and multimedia acquisitions.

  4. Receive regular feedbacks and situation reports on sales, competition, country economic profile, bookseller profiles, special projects and events, opportunities and problem areas. Be able to immediately respond to the needs of the market.

  5. Serve the needs of the schools and universities in the hard-to-visit islands in the Pacific.

  6. Assistance in credit and collection.

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